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Your roles and the roles of your bride from Ukraine within a family


They say the family is where home is. In this case there is another question. What is home? It is a place where there is love, peace, respect, joy, understanding, support and care and of course where a husband, wife and children live together feeling safe and comfortable. Under such circumstances the best foundation for a family is unconditional love between man and woman and their readiness to contribute to the common goal.

But what are the roles of men and women within the family ? We set aside the winged sentiments and focus on real things like housekeeping, work, and arrangements of different kind. Who is expected to play a caring role in the home?

First of all there are some external factors, which influence on the occupations of men and women. Nowadays ladies have begun to participate more often in public events and labor market. Modern females are more active than they were before. The certain part of society insists on the equal roles of opposite-sex partners at home. Is it possible in real life? There is a strong believe that a gender discrimination becomes history and nowadays a lot of people all over the world hold such view. But still the traditional approach is applied and preferred by plenty of women and men.

Indeed it is generally accepted that a man should earn money while a woman is expected to be involved in household. Though both of them are supposed to contribute to the family income and this is possible when they are both employed. So here we can see the way how a traditional attitude is combined with feminist ideas. In some countries including Ukraine the back-to-basics lifestyle is supported. It is updated with some amendments and supplements providing a deep respect to a woman and participation of a man in household but still the difference between opposite-sex partners is accepted. The Ukrainian women do prefer staying at home rather than going to the office for work but they can choose to be involved in any activity in addition to domestic cares. They are free to spend their spare time outside in order to unlock their potential.

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If men think that males are created for representing their capabilities and talents in the world, they should accept the responsibility to provide financially for the family. In this case Ukrainian women will agree to stay within family boundaries and care for their children and husband. Of course they will remain as much as possible within the family if they enjoy the role of a housewife. In other words you can find any attitude to this issue among Ukrainian women . There are very independent and decisive ladies as well as soft and happy to devote themselves to the family.

Any family forms are transformed together with society and even with a particular family. You can discuss the family organization with your bride-to-be at the stage of online dating. Talk about place where you are going to live together being married. Find out if your lady insists on concluding of a marriage contract. You can get interested in her plans for the number of children she wants to have. Do not be confused to ask such simple questions as who is expected to do the laundry or pay for oil in the car if you are going to present her one. You know that there are several ways how the families can continue to function, try to understand your bride-to-be and do not talk in terms of ultimatum. Though Ukrainian women differ from those in the western world still they do not take the family obligations in the same old ways. Mostly they can control their lives and choose a partner in order to be loved and cared about and not only to serve a husband. Just remember it when you offer your expectations.