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How to get away from the internet and on that first date


You have online relations with one or several Ukrainian women whom you choose among other candidates and you do not dare to transit away from a dating site and meet in person. It goes without saying that online dating is the most effective way to find your significant other especially if she lives abroad. You have probably heard that in Ukraine ladies are distinguished by a range of common personal traits. They are beautiful, clever, tolerant, kind and family-oriented. You have particular reasons for deciding to find a partner of this nationality, of course, but you should understand in the very beginning of your way in this direction that sooner or later you will have to visit Ukraine and spend time with your lady offline. You should meet her parents, relatives and friends, see how she lives in order to know her better and exclude any scam. It is up to you to decide whether she arrives at your country first, but in any way you cannot escape meeting if you want to build up long-term relations focused on a family.

What should you do in order to get to the point quickly? The first thing in relationship is trust. So you should write letters in such a way that your partner will believe in your serious attitude. It does not matter what communicative channel is available for you, your attention, openness, and sincerity are important. In order to let your partner in your life, you can offer her to enter your Facebook page. Here she is allowed to get more insight into your social circle. Besides, she will have to show her environment because the Facebook profile usually tells even a richer story. You can have some fun exchanging different photos and posts here sharing opinions in comments to them. Now you have a little more trust and you are ready to start speaking on the phone. It is really important stage in your relationship. Communicating online a person is not pressed at all; he is at ease to be himself. The telephone conversation suggests that there should be a closer contact. You hear a voice of your partner and have much less time to think over the question or your reaction. Indeed you can miss this step and pass on to the meeting. We cannot say for sure when it is high time to change over to this issue. It depends on different factors including financial capability. Someone can boast that 10 letters back and forth are enough to understand that a lady is his soul mate and to arrange a meeting. Other men spend more time and fail to succeed with this particular woman starting relations with another one.

Do not hurry up. Perhaps it will be wise to find two or three candidates for meeting and arrange all those face to face appointments within one visit to Ukraine. First you are expected to do is to ask whether she minds meeting. If you and your partner are close enough, chances are better than even that she is already waiting for this question and in this case the response will be positive. Your next step will be proposal of a provisional date. You can say that you will be free over the nearest week-end and burn with impatience to see her but unfortunately visa processing will take some time. Do not forget to ask your bride-to-be what time is best for her. Then you should find out the details at the embassy and inform your lady how long this process is supposed to last. Perhaps you should find out this information beforehand and take this period into account when you discuss an upcoming meeting. While the papers are being prepared you have an opportunity to plan your meeting. Ask her if she can take you in. Though, if you are going to meet several ladies in Ukraine, you’d better put up at a hotel. You can look through the places her city offers, choose several hotels and ask your lady for a recommendation. But you should not shift responsibility for your accommodation on a woman.

You can think over different variants of your romantic dinner, perhaps the first time will be a tete-a-tete meeting, after which she will ask you to see her parents or friends. You can discuss all these details. Besides, show that you can do things yourself and search in the Internet interesting places in her city. You can reserve a table in the restaurant with national cuisine. Just use imagination and your meeting will be the best one ever.