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Flirting is fun, that’s the general idea, yet we often do too little of it. We reserve it for Friday, or Saturday nights when we are out, or for social events where it’s “appropriate” to flirt. But what if we want to flirt on a Monday night, or at seven am on a Thursday? What if we don’t have time to run around to social events that are “suitable” for flirting?

Flirt.com recently released a funny video about how in life we constantly miss opportunities to flirt with people who have checked us out, because we’re too busy getting on with other things in life, or the moment just doesn’t seem right for flirting. The idea behind Flirt.com is that it allows you to actually connect with the people who catch your eye at any hour - they’ll simply respond when they have time to. It’s not like trying to walk up to someone buying toilet paper at the supermarket and ask for their number…

It’s a site that was developed especially to let people flirt! Flirt to find out if they have things in common and want to date. You connect with people much like you would at a party - chat with them to see if there’s chemistry. If there is, you take it offline.

Life as a singleton can be great fun, but only if you meet enough singles. That’s probably why online dating and dating apps have taken off the way they have. Think about it, how many singles are there in a busy pub one night during the time you’re there? 50? 100? Online there are thousands on good dating sites. The chances of meeting someone you click with goes up drastically. Not only is it convenient as you can flirt with people whilst sitting in the couch wearing your PJs, you can also meet thousands instead of tens, or hundreds of singles in one night. That’s pretty impressive. As are the stats for how many people find love online these days.

Online dating makes it easy to reach out to, and flirt with, people who you’d never have met, or had the chance to approach, in real life. It also helps take the edge of those Friday nights when you go out only in the hopes of meeting someone…and don’t. It’s not the end of the world like it used to be, because you can now access thousands of singles online whom you can easily approach. It makes your social life more fun as there’s no stress about meeting singles when out and about.

So what are you waiting for? Go out and flirt. Join dating sites and flirt. Enjoy being single. Enjoy flirting. After all, life’s too short not to experience the fun stuff!