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Expert dating advice

Right when everyone had congratulated us for braving the seven-year itch, we got into a fight. We indeed did not see this coming and were devastated by the consequences. Both of us gave each other a cold shoulder at office. It was almost next to impossible to work with an estranged partner. The impact was such that we were unable to complete our respective targets. The idea of having a blend of your professional and personal life was indeed the worst one. I can say this with utmost confidence and experience. It seemed as if there was no way out from this turmoil. One day, I heard my colleague talking about expert dating advice. He said that the blog had helped him overcome the rift with his wife.

At that point of time, I was literally in two minds. Some part of me wanted to let go off my partner. While, on the other hand, the other part of me wished to have my dear girlfriend back. At that time, I stumbled upon a dating blog that explained my situation. I could very well identify with the facts that he had penned down. It was as if I had hired a writer to describe my plea. However, there was a little bit of difference in this piece. It gave all the lovelorn solutions to put an end to that grave fight. I most certainly had a good read about the inscribed pointers and decided to follow each one of them.

The first step was that I had to explain the problem to my girl. Well, that seemed like quite a difficult task, to be honest. Reason being that she was stubborn on playing the silent game with me. Bless my stars but once, out of the blue, she approached me. This eventually led to us discussing about the many things that bothered us. That actually provided both of us with great relief. The next step was to empathize with the partner, which I was trying to at that moment. I put myself in her shoes and tried to comprehend all the emotions she felt. I must say that she was in a bad position at that point of time! I really did hurt a lot with my words and accusations!

The third step was to analyze whether it was a predicament or a difference. It turns out that it was the latter one all along! The time we realized that it was one of the things that set us apart, we decided to make acceptance with it. Glad for this was the fourth step: making peace with your partner. Fortunately, my patience did not give away during the one-to-one talk. We were glad to have spoken our hearts out and resolve everything. The let’s-make-amends session did turn to be beneficial on personal as well as professional front. A tinge of compromise and maturity was all we needed to get our relationship back on track. Expert dating advice helped me revive the tag of stable love life quite swiftly. On a serious note, my life would have been going the tumultuous way if not for the valuable guidance!