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What if your bride from Ukraine wants you to be just friends? Is it possible for you?


You are registered on a dating website and looking for a woman to create a family. This process usually takes a lot of efforts and time. You can be lucky to find someone special on the first try, but as usual a man communicates with plenty of ladies until he finds one or two to meet in a real life. But what if a Ukrainian lady you like the most will ask you to be “just friends”? Can you support this kind of relations? There are two different opinions. They say that non-romantic relationships between males and females are rather common and you can specify a range of arguments to prove this. A man can work, and live side-by-side, enjoy being involved in different events with a woman and still avoid sleeping together. Of course, the opponents can bite back that it is up to a certain time and such platonic coexistence is merely the beginning of the future intimate relationship. Here we can find the point of view of those who do not believe in friendship between males and females. They suggest that partners of the opposite sex can think that they are capable of being “just friends”, but there is always the chance to be involved in romance when occasion offers.

So, should you give up a hope to continue dating with Ukrainian lady who expresses her wish to rate each other among friends? Let’s hunt down a question! In order to answer if such kind of friendship is possible, even official researches were carried out. The scientists get the result demonstrating a large difference in attitude of men and women towards their friendship. Can you guess how men keep company with a woman? I would never suspect that! They are supposed to be attracted to a female friend and sure that a woman is attracted to them. Really a male can hardly believe that a woman chats with him almost every day, goes to cinema, cafes or for shopping with him and stays indifferent. That’s the fact that a man is blind to the actual state of affairs. Meanwhile a woman is blind to such attitude too. She is just on visiting terms with her fellow and not attracted at all. Moreover, she is sure that such approach is mutual. Thus, men can sometimes overestimate their charm and its influence. Mind it when having intercourse in correspondence with your bride-to-be. Of course, making a distance she can flirt with an idea to play with you, but still she hardly offers a partner on a dating website to become just friends unless she keeps right this in mind.

Can you change this situation? Let’s see if women regard her male friends as romantic partners in the future. In general, women seem to support actually platonic relationships with a male friend while a man won’t miss a chance to get closer when opportunity occurs. This difference can cause certain complications, which can be considered by a woman as drawback of being friends with a member of the opposite sex. At the same time men list romantic attraction as a positive aspect of friendships between females and males. Again unfortunately your idea to turn friendship to dating can lead to trouble. It goes without saying that you can try to find out what exactly makes your partner to refuse developing romantic relationship. You can continue your attempts to win her heart but there is a risk to screw up and break up even on bad terms.

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Here we offer some ways to win a woman’s heart in addition to her friendship. Try to make her feel beautiful and smart. Don’t you forget to make her compliments in your letters or during phone calls mentioning her mental, emotional and spiritual attributes? But you’d better learn how to do in a proper way so that your words can be considered as sincere and pointful. Tell her that she is one in a million for you. It is very important to assure you lady that you are focused on her only. Do not forget that a woman needs to feel that she is protected both physically and materially. Besides, she wants to feel your support, this does not mean you should agree every idea she gives, but treat her as if she is right almost in any dispute or conflict with the third parties. Do not allow to take a side of someone else who is against her in almost any situation. Avoid treating her as a kid, respect her personality. If you try all the above and show your lady your affection and she is still indifferent, perhaps you should agree to be friends with her and .